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Conversational Marketing: Discovering its nature and its possibilities

The importance of conversation in generating sales is undeniable. In the last decades, conversational bots have been incorporated into the digital sales process and are opening a new and improved stage in customer service: the conversational marketing era....

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Need Lead Generation? - Look No More, Get Yours Now.

What is most engaging for people online? The answer of course is online chatting. Then we broke it down further. What do chatbots do to make things stay engaging? We took those principles and started making simple conversational interfaces for websites. The end result: a dramatic increase in your conversion rate ...

Increase Lead Generation with Chatbot

7 Ways to Increase Your Lead Generation with a Chatbot

If you are looking for ways to increase your lead generation, a lead generation chatbot is a great way to do it. Chatbots for lead generation are not new or novel these days, but they have steadily become more ubiquitous in recent years. These platforms can be used to perform a multitude of tasks ranging from booking rides and ordering food, to getting weather updates and finding the latest celebrity gossip...

How AI can help Lead Generation

How AI can help Lead Generation

Conversational AI enabled chatbots are the most common and perfect tool for enhancing lead generation, nurturing, and conversion along with customer engagement and support. By using lead generation bots and human assistance in a balanced way, your business can ensure a seamless experience for customers and turn them loyal....

Realtor Chatbot

Real Estate Chatbot for 24/7 Lead Generation

In this article you will learn the story of Casagrande real-estate agency, a company that uses a real-estate chatbot to solve that first-approach problem of parties interested in their properties. Your website’s chatbot provides users with the information they are looking for, in a very precise way and whenever they want to. It can provide service to several people simultaneously, thus automating customer service through chat...

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How to Triple Your PPC Conversion Using ChatBots.

A bot is, essentially, an on duty 24/7 employee.

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