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Real Estate Chatbot FAQS

Answers to common questions about website chatbots

What do I get after buying the realtor chatbot?

More than a 100% increase in lead generation for brokers and teams. A customizable, ready-to-launch chatbot, which can be installed on your website.

Can I customize the Real Estate Chat bot?

Yes! Each ChatBot can be personalized to match your brand's colors and style. We make sure visitors are responded to immediately in a way that truly represents your brand identity.


We’re not only here for you when you’re signing up for your Simianbot account, we’re with you every step of the way throughout your journey. You can talk to a member of our support team on the phone or through email. There’s no robots around. You’ll be speaking to a real human every time you reach out to our support team.

What does SimianBot do?

SimianBot is a lead qualification system powered by artificial intelligence. SimianBot, engages and qualifies online leads through messaging around the clock.

What is lead enrichment?

While tons of agents are advertising on Facebook and Instagram these days, many skip over one of the best lead generation opportunities. Lead enrichment means is gathering and adding additional data to a lead profile. This builds a complete picture that you can use to qualify leads and be more informed about the ones you choose. The more information you have on your side, the higher your success rate.

What is a text based automated ISA?

Did you know that text messages have 97% open rate compared to 20% even for the best emails? The only problem is that tapping out individual texts to your leads takes up way too much time you could be spending cold calling. SimianBot engages and qualifies new leads 24/7, when a new lead is generated, SimianBot immediately engages.

How does SimianBot help you?

SimianBot A.I. to help real estate agents like you convert more leads. SimianBot takes the stress out of lead follow up. It takes 2 weeks of consistent follow up to get a hold of online leads, SimianBot takes the stress out of following up with leads for you and your agents.

Data Protection (GDPR)

Your data is safe with us. We do not share it with anyone under any circumstances. Our datacenter is hosted on AWS. Using our Website chatbot, you decide how long your data is kept on our servers.

Return on Investment

The best part of SimianBot is that you're not actually spending money. The return on investment you get from these leads means this product pays for itself.

Chatbot for realtors

Our customers say it best

The lead has no idea they are having a conversation with a Chatbot that is responding to specific questions the lead mentions.

Bruno Chiappino - Realtor - Casagrande