Casagrande ensured its success using a real-estate agency chatbot

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A Chatbot made for realtors

In this article you will learn the story of Casagrande real-estate agency, a company that uses a real-estate chatbot to solve that first-approach problem of parties interested in their properties.

Your website’s chatbot provides users with the information they are looking for, in a very precise way and whenever they want to. It can provide service to several people simultaneously, thus automating customer service through chat.

These virtual agents give real-time and personalized answers, focusing on each client’s individual requirements.

Learn about Casagrande's Chatbot

Casagrande real-estate agency is a family company founded in 2009 in Uruguay with three branches: one in Montevideo, another one in Coast City (Ciudad de la Costa) and the last one in Punta del Este.

They are characterized by being very professional when buying, selling or leasing properties, and by offering high-quality service. Regarding the latter, they go out of their way to satisfy their clients by meeting their specific needs as well as caring about adding value to real-estate investors.

The company currently has a 1200-property inventory, all available to sell and lease. To attain their goals, there is a 10-salespeople team and a great external partner group made up of architects and real-estate agents, who work side by side with the company.

The challenge of keeping a high-level schedule

Bruno Chiapino, one of the owners, tells us that his daily schedule is hectic: he gets up at dawn to run his company starting early in the day; he addresses his employees; holds important meetings with investors as well as with local and international clients.

He says he can’t imagine keeping a schedule at this level without the help of artificial intelligence. That’s why they decided to invest in a real-estate agency chatbot.

The problem Bruno had was that the Casagrande real-estate agency employees cannot be the whole 24 hours addressing the enquiries of people interested in selling or leasing properties.

Neither could he ask four or more employees to dedicate themselves exclusively to online customer service 24 hours a day. The only solution to address the matter would be with their own call center.

The solution: A ChatBot for real-estate websites

The first step towards solving a problem is acknowledging it exists. Bruno tells us how implementing the Chatbot allows answering the website’s visitors’ enquiries any time of the day.

Also, he says it can address several clients simultaneously, which is impossible for a single person to do. That’s why implementing a real-estate chatbot has been a comprehensive solution.

The chatbot can facilitate online sales processes if it provides the buyer with information about the product or service; offers similar articles; clarifies doubts; and even offers the possibility of paying through chat, among other options.

What other real estate agents can learn from Casagrande's experience?

The Real Estate chatbot is enabling Casagrande to increase its webpage conversions. Also, if the artificial intelligence in the Chat Bot detects a possible buyer, it can alert sellers to join a conversation personally with a client.

To improve the experience, the calendar can be configured and synchronized with the chatbot, so Bruno or his salespeople receive messages whenever they are available to provide service to customers. This works very well to avoid interruptions during their breaks, days off or if they are holding a meeting with investors or other clients.

CRM: A great asset to the real-estate field

Another very beneficial strategy for Casagrande has been incorporating the information obtained through the real-estate chatbot to the company’s CRM.

A CRM is a tool that guides real-estate sellers to follow up on commercial opportunities; it helps them manage the time they invest in each stage of the inquiries the interested parties make. Certainly, an effective follow-up improves customer service and increases sales.

Pairing a real-estate chatbot with high-performance CRM, like Tokko Broker or Tera, for example, adds great value to the real-estate field.

By incorporating them, all information captured by the Chatbot is sent directly to the CRM. This enables identifying leads, which are extremely valuable since, apart from the data obtained, they get their website’s conversions and the longed-for closing of sales and leases.

How can you achieve higher sales opportunities?

If you are still doubtful about investing in a real-estate chatbot and don’t know if it is possible to install it at your company’s web, Casagrande’s experience lets you see that you can choose to get leads immediately and, thus, easily handle reservations, leases, sales and other operations that will boost your business.

In this client’s specific case, their website’s conversion increased by over 100% after incorporating the bot at their site.

The conversion ratio at a website is the percentage of users that actually contacts them based on the total number of visitors.

For example, if 1000 people access your site per month and you receive 10 phone calls and 5 emails per month, then your conversion is 1.5%, which is normal for a website without a chatbot. This conversion rate usually increases a lot when implementing an automated answering robot based on artificial intelligence.

You can also learn about SimianBot in this video, since it’s available for websites and you can use your ChatBot in less than 10 minutes, regardless of previous technical knowledge because it is ready to provide customer service to your clients once it has been configured.

Immediacy is highly important, so SimianBot gives users confidence that their questions will be responded within the least time possible.

Before ending the article, it is good to remind everybody that SimianBot is always free; this is, you do not need to pay to use this free chatbot at your website. Of course, you can always choose to upgrade your plan by agreeing to a paid version.

If you have a real-estate agency, do not hesitate to contact us or try out the free version here

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What Our Clients Are Saying

SimianBot has been a great addition to my lead acquisition strategy. My contact rate for new leads went from 3 to almost 50 per month. After trying several other ChatBox, I can tell you that SimianBot is the best.

Augusta Acosta - Personal Trainer